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Setra is a Swedish wood products company operating on an international market. Our products are used primarily for building and living.

65% of Turnover Comes from Exports

Setra Group has annual sales in excess of 4 billion SEK, of which exports to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia account for 65 percent. Important customer segments are the wood processing industry, building materials, construction companies, furniture manufacturers and importers.

Setra's Global Presence

Setra has about 800 employees with the majority working at production units around Sweden. The number of foreign employees is 50.

Setra has its own sales offices in the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Japan and China. In England, there is also the subsidiary M & S Softwood the processing and distribution business.

In 2015, Setra opened three new distribution warehouse in King's Lynn, Hull and Rochester.

Our Customers Like Us

In the summer of 2015, Setra carried out a customer survey. The results of the customer survey showed that 78 percent of respondents have a positive or very positive overall impression of Setra.

When our customers spontaneously describe Setra they have chosen words like "quality", "pleasant" and "service". Setra is described as a large, secure and good provider and most mention quality, delivery reliability and product range as reasons why they chose Setra.

Customers are also pleased with the response from Setra - 92 percent give the highest or second highest rating to their contacts. Compared with other suppliers Setra perceived as more responsible