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The Production of Glulam

The reliability of a delivery from Setra's glulam factory in Långshyttan is extremely high, a full 100 percent. Short lead times and an efficient production flow gives the Långshyttan factory Sweden’s shortest glulam delivery time.

Flexibility Gives the Customer Added Value

The plant in Långshyttan is driven by ambition and innovation and for the last five years every detail has been worked on to optimize and streamline the way we work. 40 percent of what is produced is exported. 

Production has been adapted to deliver glulam and robust, top quality products. The factory has a high flexibility, which means that each order can be given special treatment. The glulam that we deliver is adapted directly for the end user and with a well-developed logistics system, our products are delivered quickly and safely to customers.

The efficient work at Setra Långshyttan has paid off and this means that time savings will benefit our customers in the form of short response times and deliveries.

Laminated Wood Manufacturing Step by Step

Setra glulam is made from slats which are joined to the larger beams or pillars using the finger-jointing technology. The principle is simple - wooden slats stapled or glued together to form a structural element. 



First, the slats are cut to the right dimension and dried to the correct moisture level. The slats are then sorted according to strength and are then finger jointed to specified lengths. After the surface is planed, a transparent glue is applied and several slats are glued together under high pressure. After curing the beam is planed and is then ready for packing and transportation.

Certification and Control

Manufacturing of laminated wood requires considerable care in several ways, for example when cutting the finger joints, during the adhesive preparation and application and the pressing stage.

Setra conducts continuous quality checks to ensure consistent high quality of glulam elements. Tests are regularly taken to check strength and durability. In addition to that, SP, (the Swedish Government’s Testing Laboroatory), which is an independent control, perform unannounced visits to all Swedish glulam manufacturers.