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Arto Alanko, Tapio Hjulberg, Juha Inget and Juha Moilanen from the Finnish building materials chain Puukeidas.


Puukeidas prioritises Norrland beauty and quality

The summer season is approaching and in our northern latitudes the longing to walk barefoot on the sun-kissed patio is growing. The same applies in neighbouring Finland where Setra Rolfs has been supplying pressure-treated decking timber to the Puukeidas building materials chain for many years.

The Finnish building materials chain Puukeidas started in Kemi in 1991 and over the years has also become established in Jyväskylä, Oulu, Lahti and Outokumpu. The focus is on wood products and more than 90% of sales are to the professional market.

Tapio Hjulberg is CEO and has been there from the start. He founded the company which today has three joint owners and some 25 employees who work at the five units.

The cooperation with Setra Rolfs took off with the 2007-2008 financial crisis. The Swedish krona was low at the time which made it advantageous for Finnish companies to buy wood products from Sweden.

An increasingly strong collaboration

However, it was not only the low prices that Puukeidas came to appreciate when buying from Sweden in general and Setra Rolfs in particular. Rapid delivery, a good attitude, and consistently high quality contributed to the increasing strength of this cooperation over the years.

"Even though the price level has risen, we have still been keen to keep this business going," says Tapio Hjulberg. "Setra Rolfs more than lives up to all the requirements we place on a supplier. Plus we have a fantastically good relationship with Bengt-Arne Lindgren who is Customer Manager. He is incredibly competent and is always there for us."

Even though the largest volume of Puukeidas' pressure-treated decking is from Finnish manufacturers, they reckon that almost 35% comes from Setra.

"About 2,000 cubic metres of pressure-treated wood per year makes Puukeidas our biggest Finnish customer," says Bengt-Arne Lindgren. "Naturally it's nice that a company that operates in a wood country such as Finland still chooses to buy from us in Sweden. I see this as a very high mark."

"Our aim is to offer our customers high quality and when it comes to decking timber, Setra Rolfs is in a class of its own. The Polar Decking, made from slowgrowing Norrland pine, launched last year is unique and there is nothing similar in the Finnish market," says Tapio Hjulberg.

Text: Katarina Brandt
Photo: Harri Tarvainen