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Customer service - the hub of the business machine

As the link between production and market, customer service sits at the heart of Setra. From their base in Setra Kastet they control the flows so that everything involved in deliveries ends up in the right place.

Spring light seeps into the offices at Setra Kastet. Through the window the employees have a view of the timber yard and Gävle Bay. Here in the heart of the Kastet sawmill is where most of customer service for sawn wood products can be found. They are the hub in Setra’s sales of sawn redwood and whitewood. All deals made by Setra’s sales teams go via customer service. As the link between production and market it is
important to always tread carefully. 

“Working at our customer service is very much about having the right intuition. It is important to monitor what happens at our sawmills and make sure that production output meets our customers’ needs,” says Lisa Olofsson, head of Setra’s customer service.

Collective strength
From its previous locations out in the various sawmills, the customer service function for sawn wood products is now housed in one place. This new central customer service function is based in Setra Kastet and headed by Lisa Olofsson. 

“I think it feels very good that we are taking a collective approach to customer service. A centralised function gives us strength and a better overall picture,” says Lisa.

Despite the high level of activity, it is still fairly calm and quiet in the Kastet office. From time to time a phone rings and breaks the silence but most of the work and communication is conducted via the computer system and e-mail.

“To make sure of deliveries we have many daily contacts both internally and externally. We mainly communicate a lot with the loading areas at the sawmills,” explains Ellinor Berglund, one of the employees at customer service. 

Fitting the pieces together
Most of Setra’s customer relationships are already so well established that much of the day-to-day work is purely routine. At Setra the role of the customer service function is to plan deliveries, make sure that correct documentation is in place, book transport and ensure the customer gets the right goods at the right time. 

“It’s always a challenge getting all the delivery details together in time. There are so many parameters to consider and customer service work is a bit like completing a large jigsaw,” explains Mauricio Reyes, a customer service employee. 

“Understanding the customer is very important. At the same time it is vital to be fl exible when new customers and markets are established. A lot of details need to come together and the most important thing for us is that the customer feels secure about the deal,” says Lisa.