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Wood is unbeatable in every way

Taking responsibility for quality and always trying to do everything better. That is what drives Lars-Erik Jansson, Kiln Technician at Setra Kastet.


The commitment has been there for a long time. Lars-Erik started at Kastet sawmill when he was only 18 – directly after his national service at the start of the 1970s. He is now in his 44th year. 

“It shows how much I enjoy what I do. From the very beginning, I have felt pleased when I go to work. It's always different, no one day is like another, and I really like getting results by working as a team. There are many positive aspects behind job satisfaction,” he says.

Lars-Erik has worked with the kilns in principle since he started at the sawmill. Development there, especially technology, has made significant advances over the years. 

“This is the challenge, but also the excitement. New things are happening all the time. Technology being refined, new equipment and changes in methods. It's a big responsibility and I need every day to try to do something I did yesterday even better. It makes the job interesting and I really get a kick when we achieve results and confirmation that we have succeeded.”

During his time as a Kiln Technician, Lars-Erik has seen most things. One high spot has been work on products destined for Japan. Lars-Erik and his colleagues worked hard to find the right drying times and temperatures. Work that has given good results. In recent years there have also been new possibilities for cooperation which have renewed his role. 

“Nowadays we do a lot together with other Setra sawmills. I think this is great fun! Helping each other and exchanging experiences. It's good for both sides. Recently I was up in Malå discussing possible improvements with colleagues there. It really strengthens the team spirit.”

When we get on to wood as a material, Lars-Erik’s face lights up.

“Wood is unbeatable in every way. It is renewable and flexible. Above all it's fun to work with. There are many challenges and a lot of components that have to fit. But that's what drives it, achieving quality by taking responsibility.”

In a few years Lars-Erik will retire. But his thoughts are more in the here and now than on life ahead of him. 

“I am still inquisitive when I come to work. The worst thing I can think of is that it just becomes boring.”

Text: Joakim Gerhardsson
Photo: Emil Nordin

Lars-Erik Jansson

Title: Kiln Technician at Setra Kastet
Age: 62
Lives: Gävle
Family: Wife, two children and four grandchildren
Interests: Ice hockey, football and music