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Driver Check - An interview project about hauliers’ work

In the autumn Setra carried out the Driver Check project. Lorry drivers working for Setra were interviewed about such things as the environment, working conditions and road safety.

Driver Check is one step to getting a better idea of how transport companies work. During September, interviews were carried out with drivers of both domestic and export deliveries. A total of 132 drivers responded, spread across all of Setra’s units. The questions included the drivers’ awareness of Setra’s safety regulations, speed limits and rules for driving and rest times and whether these are observed.

“The drivers were extremely cooperative. Their answers gave us both good insight into how their companies work with environment and safety matters and ideas for improvements at our units. Extremely valuable and interesting,” says Emil Malmgren, logistics specialist, who led the work with Driver-check together with Lotta Thedéen, Setra’s Environmental Manager.

Once the results of the interviews were collated, the affected hauliers were given feedback and also suggestions for identified improvements. The responses were then included in procurement of road transport for exports in 2016.

“The drivers’ responses were positive overall, they generally corresponded with the answers we received from the haulage companies centrally when they were asked similar questions in last year’s procurement of road transport for exports,” says Emil, who would like to highlight the efforts made in the units during the month-long project.

“All the units showed incredibly deep involvement. We look forward to building on this in other areas,” he says.

Tex & photo: Joakim Gerhardsson.

Footnote: The pictures are from Setra Heby.

Published: 2016-12-13