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A planner who is in tune

As a production planner you have to have a comprehensive view which comes with big challenges. Sven-Erik Eriksson, planner at Setra Kastet, is comfortable in the role.

With over 40 years’ experience in the sector (“I’m part of the furniture here at Kastet”) he finds problem solving appealing.

“I like to see new ways to do things, to have ideas that solve an unexpected situation. It’s a wonderful feeling when I see that something has succeeded. As production planner you are part of the entire flow and really feel that you have an influence,” he says.

Sven-Eric started to work at Kastet in the mid 70s. He previously had a holiday job at the mill in the gap between compulsory school and upper secondary school.

“After my studies I went straight into National Service. But when that was finished I applied to return to Kastet immediately.”

He was attracted by continuing to work with wood – and saw big opportunities.

“I had always thought that wood was very interesting. It has such wide application since you can use everything. It is also appealing to work with a material and a product which is so eco-friendly. It makes you proud.”

Sven-Eric has been a production planner for about 25 years. Prior to that he was a foreman in the trimmer. And despite his wealth of experience it is the journey in modern time that he chooses to highlight.

“In recent years we have worked with a length programme for the Japanese market which has been unbelievably enjoyable. It’s about getting the length right out in the forest. We have worked very hard and intensively to get it to work. The feeling when it all came together was fantastic. There are, of course, many other nuggets to pick out of all my years here.”

At the beginning of 2015 Sven-Eric had the opportunity to travel to Japan and meet Setra’s staff there and visit customers.

“Obviously a lifetime memory. Educational and great fun. Above all it was interesting to meet our Japanese customers and get an insight into the whole sector there. I will really take it with me.”

It may be that Sven-Eric primarily works at a sawmill. Otherwise it is music and singing which are closest to his heart. In the autumn, following a competition, he was chosen to be Gävle’s very own Frank Sinatra. At the beginning of December he performed together with, among others, Christer Sjögren at Gävle Concert Hall. When we interviewed Sven-Eric there were still a few weeks to go to the concert.

“Music has always been part of my life, so it feels really good to have this chance. It feels terribly exciting, but I expect I will be a bit nervous when I am actually on stage.”

Text: Joakim Gerhardsson
Photo: Emil Nordin

Published: 2016-12-13

Sven-Eric Eriksson

Title: Production Planner at Setra Kastet
Age: 62 
Lives: Gävle 
Family: Wife and three daughters 
Interests: Music, football and ice hockey

"Gävle's own Sinatra, Sven-Eric Eriksson who interpret  'That's Life' as elegant and stylish as the man himself ," wrote Arbetarbladet in their review of the Christmas concert in Gävle. Below you will find the link to the review (in Swedish).

Mäktig hyllning till Frank Sinatra i Gävle Konserthus (Arbetarbladet)