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From pastries to planks

FOR ANNICA GULLIN CASPERSEN, Mill Manager’s Assistant at Setra Nyby, no working day is like another. Minutetaking and fetching the mail are the only fixed daily routines. She describes her role as “free and varied”.


“It’s really diffi cult to reply when I’m asked what I do on a working day. There are often both highs and lows. Sometimes it feels as if I am doing everything! But it can be anything from following up diesel usage to administering outbound deliveries.”

Annica started at Setra Nyby in 2009 on the trimmer. Her previous job was in quite a different industry – bakery. 
“Obviously quite a leap, but in fact baking and the wood products industries are like each other. The industrial processes are there. At Setra I was attracted above all by working with such a living and sustainable material as wood. That’s why I applied for the job.”

Annica is motivated by challenges and development. After a few years at Setra, last year she started to work as an operations assistant at The Swedish Union of Forestry, Wood and Graphical Workers in Stockholm.
“A very instructive period where I got the chance to step away from the actual processes and do something new. Good experience which I really grew from. I enjoyed it, but commuting between Björklinge and Stockholm was tiring and eventually took its toll.”
At the same time Setra Nyby was looking for a mill manager’s assistant. Annica went for it – and got the job.

“It was really nice to come back to Nyby! I like it when there is pressure, tempo and pulse. And here at Nyby I certainly sit near the action with nice colleagues. Even though I worked here previously, there is a lot new in the role itself. And it’s a really enjoyable job.”
Annica likes to highlight the corporate culture at Setra, which she thinks has developed positively.
“We promote employeeship in a completely new way and discuss values and other things that are really important. I think that’s wonderful.”
At the same time there are challenges. Such as attracting more female employees to the units.

“Both the industry as a whole and we here at Setra need to work harder to get the real picture across to others. Many think that it is tough and heavy work at a sawmill, there are prejudices that persist. But a lot has happened and development has made huge strides.”

Text: Joakim Gerhardsson
Photo: Emil Nordin

Published: 2016-12-13