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Andreas Hörnfeldt

Focus on Setra’s technical development

Setra’s new CTO, Andreas Hörnfeldt, has a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. He has, among other things, been responsible for New Business Creation at Stora Enso which is a function to create new, growing and profitable products.

 In recent years he was Managing Director of Stora Enso Re-board, an innovative subsidiary within the group that developed a hard building board made entirely of paper. Since December last year he has been in place at the head office in Solna, although recent months have included a lot of travelling to get to know operations at the units around the country.

"We have highly competent managers and production managers out in the sawmills. Now I want them to feel that there is a central resource in place to help them with various types of technical issues. A cohesive function that keeps the pieces together and supports their work."

Although Andreas has many thoughts and ideas about how he wants to develop Setra, he believes that you have to walk before you can run and have respect for history.

"We are very much a sawmill company that works with sawn wood products. This is a traditional industry and you do not turn around such a culture in an instant, nor is this my intention. We are good at wood and we will be even better at processing the material to meet market demand."

Andreas believes that his new organisation will mainly be noticed because it is a small but highly dedicated force that takes an overall approach. He likes to see the technology function as a kind of internal career development where employees can take part, perhaps in specific projects during a set period where they contribute with their skills and develop themselves.

"I want to create involvement and work on encouraging people out in the organisation to take greater responsibility. The way we work will become more and more automated, but also more advanced. This means that skills development is essential for success."

Andreas wants Setra to be more active in various research projects into wood and new materials developed from the Swedish forests. He believes that in this way Setra can more quickly adapt its operations to what customers will demand in the future.

"We have a very attractive position since we possess a lot of raw material and expertise. We have control of our flows which makes us a good supplier within several different areas. I hope that we will be able to work even more together, share experiences with each other, even though we are spread out geographically.

Name: Andreas Hörnfeldt
Title: CTO
Age: 47
Lives: Bromma, west of Stockholm
Family: Wife Elisabeth, three daughters.
Interests: Cross-country and downhill skiing in the winter, tennis all year round and salt-water swimming off the West Coast of Sweden in the summer.

Text: Katarina Brandt
Photo: Emil Nordin

Published: 2017-05-31