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Setra Wood Products resumes production in King's Lynn

Carefully following the latest directives from the UK Government, as well as responding to recent information concerning trading activity from key customers, Setra Wood Products will resume production at the planing plant in King's Lynn starting on Monday April 20th, 2020. 

The general public in the United Kingdom are still required to follow lock-down regulations for the next three weeks at least.

The UK government has made it clear that the UK construction industry and its associated supply-chain should, where safely possible, resume or continue to work on construction and repair-based projects. Many of Setra Wood Products customers are key suppliers to the construction industry.

Customer activity levels will continue to be carefully monitored by Setra Wood Products. A small number of staff remain on “furlough” (or dismissed temporarily) during this period or until business activity grows back to a normal and sustainable level.

"In order to be able to support our customers business we will restart our production in a suitable scale" says Olle Berg EVP Market / Sales & Business Development.

The production in King's Lynn comprises 43 employees and has an annual production and distribution of approximately 24,000 m3 planed products intended for the British construction and do-it-yourself market, and a further 30000m3 of other products including Sawn Joinery, C24 and TR26.

"We will maintain all necessary precautions to protect our personnel as well as following recommendations given by Public Health England. Our personnel’s well being is always our first priority," says Stuart Newman, Managing Director of Setra Wood Products.

For further information contact:

Stuart Newman, Managing Director Setra Wood Products UK
Olle Berg, EVP Market/Sales & Business Development Setra Group
Katarina Levin, CEO Setra Group

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