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Structural Glulam and Laminated

Glulam is 45mm of lumber layers that are joined together through finger-jointing and gluing, to create a larger beam. The wood is mostly spruce. The result is an environmentally friendly material which is stronger than steel and concrete in relation to its own weight. 

Setra’s glulam consists of 100 percent Swedish wood, mostly spruce but also pine. We have pride in supplying a real Swedish product, that is renewable and climate friendly. It contributes to a natural environment, both in your home and on a global perspective. 

Setra glulam has all the good qualities from the wood and is extremely strong and dimensionally stable. The building material is ideal for all types of  structures, but especially useful in buildings with a large span, for example sport halls, churches and apartment blocks.

Setra glulam is also suitable as a supporting structure for outdoor verandas, carports, or garden sheds. You can also build smaller things in glulam. Why not construct a ladder, a dresser or a chair?

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