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Decorative Small Mouldings

Produced from selected slow-grown softwood to ensure stability and quality. Can be machined to customer patterns.

Window Sections Quadrant & Scotia

Nom. Thickness (mm)   Nom. Width (mm)
  Profile Finish Size 12 16 19 22 25
12 Quadrant 9x9 X        
16 Quadrant 12x12   X      
19 Quadrant 15x15     X    
22 Quadrant 18x18       X  
25 Quadrant 21x21         X
25 Scotia 21x21         X

Astragal, Ogee Panel Mould, Barrel Mould, Broken Ogee Mould & Cushion Corner

Nom. Thickness (mm)   Nom. Width (mm)
  Profile Finish Size 25 32 38 50
12 Ogee Panel Mould 9x21 X      
12 Ogee Panel Mould 9x28   X    
12 Barrel Mould 9x21 X      
12 Broken Ogee Mould 8x21 X      
12 Astragal 8x20 X      
16 Ogee Panel Mould 12x34     X  
16 Astragal 12x34     X  
25 Cushion Corner 21x21 X      
38 Cushion Corner 32x32     X  
50 Cushion Corner 40x40       X
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