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Our vision is a sustainable world. Sustainability means that we, in our entire value chain promote responsible business that promotes human rights, good working conditions, environment and anti-corruption. "

- From Setra's sustainability policy

A Sustainable Business

Wood is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. The backbone of Setra's business is the availability of renewable raw material from the forest, which in the long term places a high demand on responsible forestry. A sustainable business throughout the production chain is also essential to maintain the customers 'and other stakeholders' confidence. For Setra, sustainability issues are a high priority. The overall goal is that all employees have the knowledge and understanding of how they in their professional roles can contribute towards a sustainable business.

Setra's Raw Material Policy

All the raw material that Setra purchases meet our raw material policy, which has responsible forest management requirements. Setra also offers FSC and PEFC certified products for customers with additional sustainability requirements.