Our vision is to do business in a way that we and others – our clients, society and nature – can benefit from.

This is what we call “Grönsamhet”.
It comes down to creating green value.

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A sustainable business

Wood is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. The backbone of Setra's business is the availability of renewable raw material from the forest, which in the long term places a high demand on responsible forestry. 

A sustainable business throughout the production chain is also essential to maintain the customers 'and other stakeholders' confidence. For Setra, sustainability issues are a high priority.

The overall goal is that all employees have the knowledge and understanding of how they in their professional roles can contribute towards a sustainable business.

Setra's raw material policy

All the raw material that Setra purchases meet our raw material policy, which has responsible forest management requirements. Setra also offers FSC® and PEFC certified products for customers with additional sustainability requirements

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