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Quality MDF mouldings are available ex stock primed, fully paint-finished or wrapped.

MDF (White Primed)

Finishing Thickness (mm)   Finish Width (mm)
  Profile 44 58 69 94 119 144 145 169 219 220 244 294
14 Chamfered X                      
14 Bullnosed X                      
14 Chamfered/Bullnosed       X X X            
14 Torus   X   X                
18 Ogee   X   X                
18 Ovolo       X     X          
18 Bullnosed       X     X          
18 Chamfered       X     X          
18 Torus/Ogee             X X   X    
18 Windowboard               X X   X X

Chamfered Architrave

Chamfered Skirting

MDF Torus Architrave

MDF Ogee Architrave

MDF Ogee Skirting

MDF Ogee/Torus Skirting

MDF Windowboard