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Our Standard Pine Range

We offer a wide range of sawn timber pine products. The table below shows the dimensions we continuously sell. If you are looking for other special, customized products, please contact our sales department.

SB = Side Board 
CC = Center

H/B mm 75 100125150  175 200225 250 
 16  SB  SB  SB          
 19  SB  SB  SB  SB        
 25  SB  SB  SB  SB SB  SB  SB  
 32    SB/CC  SB/CC  SB/CC SB/CC   SB/CC  SB/CC  
 38    SB/CC  SB/CC  SB/CC SB/CC   SB/CC  SB/CC  
 44    CC  CC  CC        
 47    CC  CC  CC   CC  CC    
 50    CC  CC  CC  CC  CC  CC  CC
 63    CC  CC  CC  CC  CC  CC  
 75    CC  CC  CC  CC  CC  CC  

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