Setra Glulam

Setra glulam is a renewable, strong and dimensionally stable building material suitable for structures that demand high load-bearing capacity and strength, while also being fire-resistant and relatively light.


Setra offers both a standard and fully customised glulam range produced in our modern factory in Långshyttan. The raw material is certified and locally sourced from the surrounding forests.

We know glulam

We have gathered experience, know-how, experts and wood professionals in our Timber Industry Centre in Långshyttan. We provide experience and inspiration in project planning and construction solutions, and of course logistics and transport, to make your project run as smoothly as possible. We produce glulam, glulam beams, posts and CLT with respect for the raw material in our modern factory. We have been working with glulam for over 50 years, so we know it inside out.

We may not be the biggest, but that doesn’t matter. Being relatively small means we can be fast and flexible. As a customer, you will notice that we care and want to get to know you. Being reliable is important to us and we like to cultivate our relationships over a long time.

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We are with you all the way

Setra is a professional and flexible partner with high delivery reliability that offers a wide range of glulam in both standard dimensions and custom solutions. Choosing glulam from Setra puts you in control, from idea to finished project. Project design, production, logistics, delivery, assembly and installation can all be planned in advance.

Setra manufactures glulam according to your project’s needs and wishes, minimising waste and making the process more sustainable, which in turn helps to reduce the climate impact of the entire construction project. You can also choose to combine glulam with CLT and/or other building components. One of our project managers will guide you through the entire process.

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Glulam opens up possibilities

Glulam offers great opportunities for architects, designers and others to create their own shapes, whether they are designing a house, the roof of a public building or a wooden bridge.

Glulam has many advantages in terms of strength and durability, compared with other materials such as concrete and steel, and is often used together with CLT and other materials to optimise the structure. It is both efficient and a time saver.

Building with glulam is also dry, clean and quiet because you can use traditional hand tools. This is much appreciated by both the builders and local neighbours. And then the end result is a pleasant environment in which to spend time.

10 reasons why you should choose glulam

  • Strong – Glulam is one of the strongest construction materials in relation to its weight.
  • Renewable – The raw material is renewable and the glulam can be reused or recycled.
  • Attractive – The beauty and character of glulam makes it a popular choice with architects.
  • Energy efficient – The energy consumption of glulam production is very low compared to other materials.
  • Durable – Glulam can withstand harsh weather conditions better than many other construction materials.
  • Formable – Glulam can be shaped in almost any way.
  • Dimensionally stable – Glulam does not twist or bend.
  • Fire resistant – Glulam resists fire better than many other materials.
  • Affordable – The overall cost of a glulam structure is often lower than other material options.
  • Easy to work on – Glulam can be worked on using simple hand tools as well as machine tools.

At Setra we offer green value

Glulam is a renewable building material that helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry. With energy-efficient production, effective transport and rapid assembly, glulam is a climate-smart choice that can help to achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

As a customer, you can be sure that your products have been checked and are traceable from the forest to the finished product.

We want to do business where everyone prospers, our customers, society and nature. This is what we call "Grönsamhet" – it comes down to creating green value.

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