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Grönsamhet - Setra's Vision

This is where a new chapter of the Setra story begins. A story that we keep writing together, every day. You will surely find a couple of things that will seem new to you. But you will  probably also recognize and feel right at home in many of the ideas presented.

Simply because a lot of what we already do are things that we should take great pride in – and do more of. And in some areas, we need to keep evolving and become even better.

Growing, evolving and flourishing together gets easier when people find a common way of expressing where to go and how to get there. And our values are very important in order to succeed with that. We also need a communication platform, that we can gather around and keep building on.

That’s why we have created a new vision and philosophy that describes what we believe in and how we look upon our business, our clients and the world around us. Here we describe the five principles of our philosophy and how we put them to use.

But let’s start with our vision:

Our vision is to do business that we, as well as others - our clients, society and nature - can profit from. This we call "Grönsamhet". And we want to create Grönsamhet."



Where there’s people, there should be wood. Wood makes life simpler and more beautiful. It’s just as durable as many other materials – and a lot more sustainable than most of them. Simply put – the more wood there is, the more our planet rejoices.

We want to do business where everyone prospers – not just ourselves but also our customers, nature and society. This is what we call “Grönsamhet”. our customers, nature and society. This is what we call “Grönsamhet”.

If you look up a translation for what “Grönsamhet” means, you’re not going to find one. And that’s because we came up with it by using the Swedish word for “green” and the word for “profit”. And this encompasses what we aspire to.

We want to create sustainable profits that benefits all. And we have all the possibilities in the world to do so. Because the wood business is very good business, if one wants to reach the goal of Grönsamhet.

In order to do so, we live by these five principles:

We keep pushing the limits

Nature is the perfect example of a 'doer' – always delivering on its promises. And we find heaps of inspiration in that. We push ourselves every day in pursuit of making the most of what wood can be. We keep pondering all possibilities fervently, because the future begins in our dreams.

There's plenty of evidence in nature that those who collaborate can make each other flourish. So, we've taken it upon ourselves to help our customers grow. And that's the foundation of 'Grönsamhet'. Because when our customers do well, everyone wins.

We know the future is built from wood

Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees. Not so much for us. That's why we love spending time in nature. It's where we envision a more sustainable future where wood can give us skyscrapers, fuels, food, underwear, window frames - and more. These are the vast realities that can be created with wood.

Of course, we're still rooted in the present. But that being said, we have a bird's-eye view of what's to come. And that's the perfect position for us. Because from there, we can take our customers' visions and make them soar high above the treetops. Because there is virtually no limit to what wood can be. So, by sharing all our knowledge, we can create more Grönsamhet wherever it may bloom.

We know we're not there yet

Wood is incredibly sustainable. It's the only renewable building material – and 1 square meter sawn wood can bind 800 kilos of carbon dioxide. So, building with wood is a win for the entire planet. But that's not enough. We're aiming to increase the value of our products and improve the working environment in our facilities. And we always strive to decrease our own impact on the planet by optimising our use of energy and resources – for the sake of nature, society and ourselves.

We also help our clients become more sustainable, by helping their businesses bloom. That, in turn, provides the strength needed to contribute to the world's well-being. And that gives rise to budding Grönsamhet. Because, despite what's been said, money does grow on trees.

We're grounded and steady

We're predictable and reliable – and totally okay with that. Because there's a time for surprises and a time to keep promises.
We take 100% responsibility for the quality, delivery and sustainability. We also make sure to have a personal relation with all our clients, in order to build trust. And we only do business where good ethics is at the core.

We are still growing

We’re not the biggest – and that’s fine. We find that it’s easier to untap curiosity, to explore possibilities and to keep things personal when you’re smaller and more agile, as opposed to a big and clumsy machine.

We also find it easier to help others grow if we, too, are growing. And supporting others’ development is how we develop ourselves. So, at Setra, we keep cultivating our abilities in order to help each other and our clients blossom.

Also, being relatively small is a reason for us to care more and fear less. We need to work hard. Not in the pursuit of being bigger, but in being better.