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Raw Materials

Setra's production consists of the raw materials from spruce and pine, which are further processed into various wood products at our sawmills and processing units. All timber comes from responsibly managed forests and meets controlled raw materials requirements.

Setra doesn't own any forest

All of Setra's timber is purchased. The total volume of purchases in 2020 amounted to 3.46 million cubic meters of which 52 percent consisted of pine and 48 percent spruce. Setra has approximately 15 raw material suppliers and the largest is Setra's owners Sveaskog and Mellanskog. 99 percent of our purchases are made from Swedish suppliers, and a small volume is purchased from Norway. In 2020, imports amounted to about 1 percent of the total purchase volume. The timber has a local or regional origin.

Catchment Area

The catchment area is normally within a radius of about 100 km from the sawmills. The bulk of the purchased timber is transported to sawmills by road. The facilities that have their own railway tracks - Hasselfors, Kastet and Skinnskatteberg - can also receive deliveries by train, which allows longer and more efficient transport. In 2020 approximately 4 percent of the timber volume was delivered by rail.

Raw Materials from Responsibly Managed Forests

One of Setra's most important sustainability aspects is that the raw material comes from responsibly managed forests. With harvesting comes a responsibility to manage the forest in a way that considers the conservation values of the forests and surrounding nature. It is important that the preserved parts of the forest is not used as timber for Setra's sawmills. The timber Setra purchases are either certified or checked by FSC® and PEFC, the world's largest forest management certification with the standards of forest management and traceability (Chain of Custody). 

Setra's sawmills and processing units are certified according to PEFC and FSC Chain of Custody standards and according to the FSC standard for controlled wood. With a Chain of Custody certificate, we can show that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests and has a controlled origin, it is the link between the certified forest and the certified end product. The timber which is not certified is checked and fulfills the requirements of the FSC Controlled Wood and PEFC Controlled Sources. It also meets the requirements of the European Timber Regulation.

Five Basic Criteria for Setra's Timber

The minimum requirement for all timber is that the origin is traceable and meets five basic criteria. The criteria are described in Setra's raw material policy which states that Setra may not accept:

• Illegally harvested wood

• Wood harvested in violation of traditional and human rights

• Timber from logging that threatens high conservation values

• Timber from areas forested areas or areas used for plantation

• Timber from areas with genetically modified species

How can we help you?

How can we help you?