A state-of-the-art planing mill

In Hasselfors, we plan and cut structural timber mainly for export to Europe, USA and Australia. Production is flexible and the range includes rafter timber and joists in various dimensions.

Welcome to have a look inside the world's leading planing mill

Today wood products are produced using high technology methods. Our production of planed and machine-sorted construction timber in the unique factory in Hasselfors started in the summer of 2020. The building has glulam beams that are 28.5 meters high and the roof is made of CLT.

This is how logs become high-quality building material

At Setra's facility in Hasselfors, we produce sawn and planed wood products. We make use of the entire log and our certified wood is used for climate-smart construction all over the world.

Here we show the entire sawing process in our spruce sawmill and how the raw material goes from log to sawn and planed wood products.

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