A new way to build – and a new way to collaborate

Since the start of the project in 2016, Anna Ervast Öberg has played a key role in the design of Cederhusen, working closely with the landowner, the City of Stockholm, in the initial stages, for example.

What challenges have you faced?

First, a safe construction solution had to be found on top of the three tunnels that house the E4/E20 and the Värtabanan rail line. Many people said ‘you can’t build like that!’ or ‘it’ll be too expensive’, but we’ve proved that it can be done. Some also wondered how wood performs in terms of fire, acoustics and moisture. The short answer is that wood usually has better properties than other materials.

How has the cooperation with all the suppliers worked?

We’ve found a new, more modern and enjoyable way of working together. Fundamentally, we have a close exchange of knowledge all along the chain and take part in each other’s processes to ensure the quality of the
climate work. By focusing on shared commercial benefit, efficiency and traceability, we’re able to address the issues that can’t be resolved through specifications of requirements and procurement alone.

Has there been much interest in living in Cederhusen?

Huge interest, right from the start. The first block has 111 apartments, and almost all of them are already sold. The project is clearly economically viable, even in Sweden’s toughest housing market.

How would you describe the two blocks?

The Cederhusen development brings the first mass timber buildings to Stockholm’s inner city. One of the buildings will have an 11-storey wooden frame, and that’s the highest anyone has ever gone in Sweden using CLT. Many people have worked very hard to make Cederhusen a reality and it’s fantastic that it’s happening now. Visiting the site makes me very happy!

Text: Lena Lidberg
Photo: Emil Nordin

Published: 2021-07-05

Anna Ervast Öberg

Project Development Manager, with a background in architecture.

Works at
Housing developer Folkhem, where her responsibilities include the Cederhusen project.

On wood
“The opportunity to develop wood construction in urban environments attracted me to Folkhem in 2015. For climate reasons, the company has made the explicit decision to only build in wood.”

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