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Every day we are flooded with new reports of the corona pandemic's progress around the world. Countries close their borders, companies introduce layoffs and people are ordered to stay at home and reduce their social contacts. Health and safety are of course of utmost importance for our customers and all of us here at Setra.

As a global supplier of wood products, Setra, like all other industries, is now facing entirely new challenges. We notice the consequences the pandemic causes our clients' operations; first in China and now in Europe. The situation is difficult to assess as it changes from day to day and affects countries and continents in different ways.

The construction sector, with all its constituents, is a significant industry in many countries. We are therefore convinced that keeping construction and timber industry production going is very important. It is of great importance to the general economy as well as being an important employer in both Sweden and abroad.

Our ambition at Setra is to run business as normal as possible to the best of our ability. Every day we try to do our very best to keep our commitments to you as a customer. So far, we have not experienced any major deviations, and production is doing well. Deliveries is the biggest challenge, but we do our utmost to ensure that customers do not suffer any consequenses. The goal is, for both you as a customer and Setra, to be able to conduct business forward in the best possible way in order to alleviate the negative effects on our operations due to the pandemic.

Again, our highest priority is everyone's health and safety and we hope that all of your employees are doing well under these very turbulent circumstances.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Olle Berg
EVP Market and Business Development

Published: 2020-03-26

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