About Spruce

Our products have a densely grown structure with very few branches that have high strength and performance qualities and are also suitable for visible applications such as panels and laminated wood.

Years of Experience

Setra has a long experience of working with integrated sawing and processing. Professional competence and a flexibile production allows us to deliver customized solutions that meet customer demands for specific dimensions and qualities.

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Our clients consist mostly of various wood and planing mills that process the sawn spruce raw material, before it reaches the end consumer. Glulam factories, housing factories and packaging manufacturers are other key customer groups. Internal deliveries are important and spruce from Setra's sawmills are used as raw materials in the Group's own processing. 

Sweden, including Setra's internal deliveries, is the largest market for Setra's sawn whitewood products. Other important spruce markets are China, Germany, Netherlands, France and Britain.

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