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Setra invests in component factory in Långshyttan

Wood products company Setra is investing in a component factory in Långshyttan, Sweden. The investment aims to meet growing customer demand for components such as doors and windows. Customers can be found in both Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

Setra has signed a contract for the acquisition of an industrial property in Långshyttan, Sweden. The property is currently owned by Outokumpu and occupancy will take place during the first quarter of 2018. The purchase will provide great opportunities to develop the business towards more processed products and the first step will be to open a component factory.   

   “We see great demand for a larger range of processed products. The investment will enable us to enhance our long-term competitiveness and to offer products to customers such as the Scandinavian window and door industries,” says Hannele Arvonen, CEO of Setra.

The property that Setra has purchased is located close to the company’s Långshyttan facility, where it manufactures its glulam. This investment will therefore provide opportunities to create a wood industry centre in Långshyttan. The raw material for the new component factory will be taken from Setra’s pine sawmill in Bergslagen and is perfect for this type of industry. Production volume will be 45,000 m3 of finished components.

     “We continue to build on a successful path, leveraging the component-related expertise that we have within Setra. We will build an efficient and industrially adapted facility to become an influential participant with a focus on the door and window industries,” says Olle Berg, Market Director at Setra, who also sees good synergies arising from locating the new factory in Långshyttan.

   “This is an exciting development all over the world where wood is a material that has substantially advanced its position. There are many things in its favour, not least the fact that it’s a renewable raw material and sustainable construction material that helps to cut carbon emissions.”

Production at the component factory in Långshyttan is expected to begin in the second half of 2018.

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